Welcome to CIS for Enterprise Management

CIS for Enterprise Management (CIS4EM) integrates Enterprise Management's invoicing and payment system with the CIS portal of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), both for vendor validation and submitting monthly returns. CIS4EM gathers and stores each vendor's tax treatment, using that tax treatment to automatically withhold the proper amount from CIS applicable invoice lines. CIS4EM records all withholdings into liability account(s) of the user's choosing, enabling automated creation of monthly submissions to HMRC.


CIS4EM is a comprehensive extension to Enterprise Management simplifying the process of Validating Vendors, Invoicing for CIS Labour, and the Preparation and Submission of Monthly Returns:

1. Vendor Validation

Vendor Validation is the process for verifying that a vendor has registered with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). This verification associates a CIS withholding rate for each vendor, which is used to calculate withholding on CIS applicable labour that is invoiced by the vendor and paid by the contractor.

2. Invoicing CIS Labour

The system will automatically add the correct CIS Invoicing element to the invoice.

3. Preparation and Submission of Monthly Returns

Monthly Returns allows users to submit CIS required monthly returns to the HMRC service from within Enterprise Management

4. Built-in Reports

The extension includes all required reports:

CIS Account Statement
CIS Payment and Deduction
CIS Supplier Statement


To learn more about the solution, to request a demo, or to be put in touch with a local sales partner, please watch our CIS4EM video and then visit us at: Enterprise Management Construction